What’s a trip to Walla Walla without enjoying a bit of wine from America’s number one wine region? Here at The FINCH, we’re all about supporting local businesses and offering our guests a true Walla Walla experience. So, we’ve partnered with dozens of amazing local wineries for our Winery of the Month program. From a little taste upon check-in, to getting the down-low on which wineries to visit during your stay (with special discounts, of course!), we make sure you experience a unique Walla Walla wine adventure. Check out our upcoming Wineries of the Month for 2023 below and start planning your Walla Walla getaway.

january - time & direction


Hailing from the restaurant scene in New York City, Steve Wells chose Walla Walla to learn how to make wine in 2011.  He’s worked for Gramercy Cellars and M&L Production and earned his degree in Enology & Viticulture from the Walla Walla Community College before starting Time & Direction in 2016.  Steve brings his restaurant background into winemaking by focusing on food-friendly wines as well as his personality to every label by making them all different based on things that have been important to him during his lifetime.  Entering the Time & Direction tasting room is like stepping into his brain with 80's & 90’s pop culture references, music, video games, and of course wine, decorating all the walls.  Not your average tasting room experience.  It isn’t often that you’ll hear lo-fi jazz music playing one minute and then heavy metal the next.  Drink wine and enjoy!

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february - echolands


Echolands Winery was created in 2018 by Brad Bergman and Doug Frost, two Kansas City residents who believed in the Walla Walla Valley AVA’s ability to offer a distinct style of wine, one that would benefit from aging. Paired with Taylor Oswald, an eleven-year veteran of Walla Walla winemaking, the three have partnered to craft responsibly produced wines that reflect the potential for elegant and balanced wines from this singular place.
As we care for our young vineyards, we seek to amplify that echo from the land and the grapevines in every bottle we make. Winemaking can’t be anything more than a subtle (at best) shaping of that sound; we cannot create qualities that are not there in the grapes.

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march - bergevin lane


Bergevin Lane Vineyards is a small, dynamic winery in the heart of Walla Walla. Established in 2002 by Annette Bergevin, Bergevin Lane is well established as a winery known for making incredible wines accessible for everyone. Annette's roots go deep into the Walla Walla Valley, five generations back. The family homestead where Annette grew up is now our Bergevin Springs Estate Vineyard. Here we produce the classic Bordeaux varietals that make up our benchmark wines, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Viognier, to name a few. In 2020, Bergevin Lane relocated its tasting room to downtown Walla Walla, making their wines more accessible for visitors. Their location features their complete line-up of wines; with a beautiful patio for music events and serves a menu of appetizers from the local TMACS restaurant.

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may - caprio cellars


“A love for wine has been in my family long before I was born. My ancestors viewed wine as simply an essential part of daily life. Sanitella, my great grandmother, knew each family in her small Italian neighborhood by their homemade wine. For her, a person’s very character was built on the quality of their craft. Now, with Caprio Cellars, I hope to honor the tradition my family has had with wine for over a century. I hope that you will become a part of the Caprio family and enjoy what for me is so elemental to the joy of life. Welcome to Caprio Cellars.”
- Dennis Murphy, Winemaker & Owner

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june - dama wines


DAMA is the Spanish word for lady, defined as refined and well-spoken, which describes DAMA Wines. The wines are the balanced, graceful expression of world-class terroir that are not of fad or fashion.

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july - castillo de feliciana


Castillo de Feliciana is a family-owned and operated winery on the Southside area of the Walla Walla Valley. We are known for our attention to detail and focus on our guests, giving the truest experience of Spanish warmth and hospitality. We strive to produce Pacific Northwest wines that exemplify a Spanish style, providing a culturally distinct tasting room experience, and inviting our patrons to relax in the comfort of our wines, views, and estate vineyard. A "Spanish style" wine is not limited to grape varietal and vinification techniques. "Spanish Style" at Castillo de Feliciana conveys a relaxed lifestyle, where wine, food, and culture complement one another on a daily basis. Life is to be lived and enjoyed. 

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august - tranche


The Tranche tasting room sits in the heart of the Blue Mountain Estate Vineyard, where guests can enjoy excellent wines paired with incredible vineyard views. In addition to a delightful ambiance, Tranche offers a variety of unique experiences in the Walla Walla Valley including, ATV vineyard tours, which take guests on a taste and tour loop of the vineyard, while learning more about the winemaking process.

Pop on over to Tranche on Friday or Saturday night and enjoy live music from local musicians, plus a rotating selection of local food trucks.

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september - saviah cellars


Saviah Cellars, formed in 2000 in the Walla Walla Valley of southeastern Washington, is committed to crafting extraordinary wines that combine viticultural excellence with traditional winemaking techniques. The winery strives to produce rich, artfully balanced wines showcasing varietal characteristics that reflect the unique soils and climate of the Walla Walla and Columbia Valleys.

Saviah Cellars’ first commercial vintage was just 300 cases. Since then, the winery has grown significantly and in 2022 and 2009 was named One of the Top 100 Wineries by Wine & Spirits Magazine, in 2010 Saviah Cellars was called One of the Rising Stars in Washington by Wine Spectator and in 2013 The Jack brand was named one of the Top Value Brands of the Year by Wine & Spirits Magazine. Today, the winery produces approximately 28,000 cases annually.

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october - bledsoe family wines


An exploration of the Walla Walla Valley and an open invitation to those who believe that celebrations of life’s victories - small or large - are always more memorable with unforgettable wine. Bledsoe Family is an important member of a family of wineries that make up Bledsoe Wine Estates. The nationally acclaimed Cabernet Sauvignon of Doubleback, accessible varietals of Bledsoe Family Winery, and boundary-pushing Pinot Noir and Syrah of Bledsoe|McDaniels all showcase Bledsoe Family Wine's commitment to exploring the full potential of their land to produce authentically representative American luxury wines..

True to their beginnings, they work everyday to ensure that each new vintage we craft is better than the last, and that every bottle that bears the Revelry brand is one that you can trust to be excellent.

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november - brook & bull


Founded in 2016, Brook & Bull focuses on producing fine varietals and untraditional blends with a low oak profile. Purposely highlighting vintage variation and showing Washington State terroir. Brook & Bull is winemaker Ashley Trout's latest project in the Walla Walla Valley. Ashley began her wine-making career at 18, following her passions around the world in search of the best ways to combine a love of wine making with a goal for community betterment. She spent the better part of a decade working harvests in Mendoza, Argentina and has been an integral part of the Walla Walla Valley wine scene since 1999.

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december - dunham cellars


The winery makes its home in a rustic, remodeled World War II era airplane hangar in Walla Walla, Washington, and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020. The family-owned winery strives for excellence from vineyard to bottle, and sources fruit from several renowned estate vineyards in prime locations around the Walla Walla and Columbia Valley appellations. Dunham wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Trutina (Bordeaux-style blend), Three Legged Red (red table wine), Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Chardonnay.
With a strong heritage and a brand well-known throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, we are committed to producing premium wines through gentle treatment in all phases of the winemaking process. Our goal is to bring something to the bottle that we enjoy and are proud to label with the name Dunham.

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